Karanlık Kutunun Doğu Serüveni

Written & Directed by: Nihan Belgin

Producers: Umut Beşkırma, Nihan Belgin

D.O.P: Semih Kababulut

Music by: Yiğit Keven

Colorist: Engin Cebiroğlu

Final Mix: Meriç Erseçgen

It is very common for us today to take a photograph, that is, to render the image permanent. However, 200 years ago, rendering the image permanent was only an idea and many scientists worked on this. The Ottoman Empire met photography soon after its invention. Ahdulhamid II used photography as a tool to rule the empire. Thanks to this, many things belonging to the era were documented. Many European photographers were drawn to İstanbul when it became centre of attention. “The Eastern Journey of the Dark Box” offers an insight into the events that took place in the Ottoman Empire through the first photographic activities on this soil as well as questioning the point the photography has come to thanks to today’s technology in parallel with “reality”.